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Membership Ministry

Focused: Membership and Baptism classes

Men Ministry

Focused:  Building men as godly leaders and fathers in the home and community.

Women Ministry : women of prayers and wisdom

Focused : Repairer of the bridge.

Bringing healing and wholeness to every aspect of a woman’s life.

Youth and Young Adults Ministry

Focused: Mentoring and Preparation for the future

Children Ministry

Focused: safe, healthy, fun visual teaching environment for planting the seed of God’s word in the hearts of children.

Help Ministry

Focused: Providing emergency help for members and community.

Back to School Ministry

Focused: providing school supplies to kids in church and community.  Preparing minds to succeed and supporting college students in ways possible.

Outreach Ministry

Focused: Evangelism and Food Pantry

Social Media Ministry

Focused: Friendly, Excellent and Accurate Media Presentation to public

Couples and Singles for Christ Ministry

Focused: Building godly marriages and empowering singles through personal development and guidance from reverence for God.

Project and Research Ministry

Focused: Project development and completion

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